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Grow Room Buildout

Master Grower Eljay of Advanced Nutrients will make sure you have your basics right, as he walks and talks you through our sub-topics, “Basic Room Layout” and “Grow Light Placement”. He will guide you in understanding “Indoor Gardening,” planning and drawing of the grow room, and calculating your lighting needs.

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In order to have a successful indoor gardening experience, you must know and understand the logistics of lighting and cooling your grow room. Sharing and helping you achieve hard-earned experience easily, Master Grower Eljay takes you through the correct techniques & practices of cooling your grow lights and grow room.

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Air-cooled grow lights are ideal for year-round indoor gardening, offering greater environmental control and maintaining cooler temperatures during summer months. Here you’ll learn the correct and practical way of setting up air-cooled grow lights. You will discover as well the different types of lights used for medical crop growing. Remember, that higher yields can be achieved by giving plants the appropriate amounts of lumens and PAR.

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Temperature, humidity & sanitation practices require earnest attention to attain higher yields. Here you’ll discover how to control heat in your grow room during summer and how to protect your plants from uneven temperatures in winter. You will learn as well the proper monitoring of humidity and how to maintain grow room sanitation.

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You must select the type of grow room that you are going to use for your plants. Here, you can find out about the different types of grow room designs, both for air-vented and totally sealed rooms. Then you can make an intelligent decision, whether or not to use CO2, for instance, to enrich your medical crop.

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Benjamin Franklin once said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Paying serious attention to the electrical safety in your grow room can save you money and or even a life. Here, you will discover different possible electrical designs, as well as safe electrical grow gear. You’ll also find the best reflective materials for your grow room.

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1) Mold growth can be prevented by_______.
2) The optimal humidity for Vegetative room is in what range?
3) CO2 saturation is usually measured in relation to ______.
4) In which stage of plant growth are High-Pressure Sodium Grow Lights best use?
5) What controls the voltage of the lamp and maintains the steady flow of electricity?
6) CO2 generators are used in ____________.
7) These grow lights can emit light on the blue end of the spectrum, and are more ideal for the vegetative stage of plant growth.
8) The first step to building an indoor grow room is______.
9) These devices use activated charcoal to chemically absorb smell.
10) These grow lights emit light on the red end of the spectrum and are more commonly used for the flowering stage. They are also ideal for fruit bearing plants and vegetables.
11) The unit used to measure fans is ______.
12) ______________ helps to distribute the light uniformly inside the grow room.
13) In which stage of plant growth Metal Halide Grow Lights best use?
14) These grow lights emit illumination through processing a current in one terminal and out another, forming a simple semiconductor.
15) These lights are typically used in growing seedlings, but they should never be used in attempting to light plants in the flowering stage.
16) Calculating your lighting needs starts with one section of your drawing, the ________.
17) The optimal humidity for Flowering room is in what range?
18) The most reliable method to calculate how much light you’re going to need for your canopy is called ______________.
19) The unit used to measure air conditioning is ______.
20) What are the two steps needed in building a grow room?

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