Quiz: Grow Room Buildout

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1. These grow lights can emit light on the blue end of the spectrum, and are more ideal for the vegetative stage of plant growth.
2. Mold growth can be prevented by_______.
3. The unit used to measure air conditioning is ______.
4. The unit used to measure fans is ______.
5. CO2 saturation is usually measured in relation to ______.
6. The first step to building an indoor grow room is______.
7. The optimal humidity for Flowering room is in what range?
8. The optimal humidity for Vegetative room is in what range?
9. These devices use activated charcoal to chemically absorb smell.
10. In which stage of plant growth are High-Pressure Sodium Grow Lights best use?
11. The most reliable method to calculate how much light you’re going to need for your canopy is called ______________.
12. What controls the voltage of the lamp and maintains the steady flow of electricity?
13. Calculating your lighting needs starts with one section of your drawing, the ________.
14. CO2 generators are used in ____________.
15. These lights are typically used in growing seedlings, but they should never be used in attempting to light plants in the flowering stage.
16. These grow lights emit light on the red end of the spectrum and are more commonly used for the flowering stage. They are also ideal for fruit bearing plants and vegetables.
17. These grow lights emit illumination through processing a current in one terminal and out another, forming a simple semiconductor.
18. ______________ helps to distribute the light uniformly inside the grow room.
19. What are the two steps needed in building a grow room?
20. In which stage of plant growth Metal Halide Grow Lights best use?

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