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1. Hydroponics plant nutrients required during the vegetative period must be rich in:
2. Choose the correct answer from the option given below:
Which supplement helps managing a plant’s stress levels from within the rhizosphere?
3. Foliar feeding is beneficial for the following reasons:
4. Which nutrients are essential for large, heavy flowers and dense fruits?
5. Find out the difference between the following two humates from the multiple options given below:
6. Pick out the wrong ingredient composition of Advanced Nutrients’ organic nutrient – Nirvana:
7. Which of the following  combination of ingredients serves the best bloom booster:
8. _______ improves the taste, aroma and flavor of the yield.
9. Overdrive is a ____ .
10. The function of beneficial microbes  is:
11. Beneficial bacteria can be added to foliar spray. True or False?
12. Your foliar spray should have a pH range around ______.
13. Name the two beneficial fungi used as plant enhancers.
14. The compound present in rooting gel that stimulates growth of roots is _____.
15. Give the exact answer for the following question from the options given below:
16. Feeding extra carbs is essential in which phase of plant growth?
17. Kelp contains _______ which are capable of protecting plants against bacterial attack.
18. Potassium silicate boosts
a. Thicker stems
b. Lush green flowers
c. Sweet aroma
d. Immune resistance
19. The best way to deal with nutrient lockout is to ______ your plants.
20. The common function possessed by these chemical compounds, viz. EDTA, humic acids, proteinates, and amino acids is _______.
21. The unique product from Advanced Nutrients that uses an organic, non-ionic surfactant formula is ________.
22. Using coco coir as a growing medium, a grower must be aware of using  _____ and _____ supplements, in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies.
23. Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Tarantula and Microbial Munch belong to which category of nutrient?
24. Which two of the following are the most appropriate statements?
25. How can you use Bud Candy?

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