Djangofan from Boulder, Colorado wrote:

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“I always grew in baked clay pebbles (Hydroton) before, but based on your videos, I switched to coco. Coco coir has already made my life easier by holding on to water longer than clay and boosting the growth of my cuttings. For now, I’m using a Cal-Mag supplement to correct the leaching effect—can’t wait for the new AN line of coco specific nutrients.”

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Djangofan Boulder, Colorado 07 Jul 2014

One thought on “Djangofan from Boulder, Colorado wrote:

  1. Started using coir instead of clay aggregate in the DWC RootSpa – lined the 10″ basket lid with coconut liner normally used in hanging flower baskets then filled with fine coir. Great growth results and very simple to dispose – I toss the used coir in my compost bin. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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