“That guy is really enthusiastic about his own medicine! The last video was helpful, where he pointed out common issues such as why my medicine won’t stay properly lit sometimes. I know how to cure my precious medical plants now so I don’t get a disappointing smoke.”

Heriberto Barcelona, Spain 07 Jul 2014

“Ace stuff, learnt a lot about trichomes from the first two videos. I fancy these hands-on, no-nonsense videos, where they show you real grow rooms and talk about actual settings being used. I really got the cutting, drying and curing.”

Jim Liverpool, UK 07 Jul 2014

“I bought a packet of BT, as was advised in the video and it sure got rid of the ugly worms on my plants! Just the info I was looking for!”

Scott Reading, England 07 Jul 2014

“Ok, you guys rock! I just started growing indoors and my plants got powdery mildew and I did not know how to salvage the yield. Your video showed me how to do this step-by-step. I think I managed to save most of the crop, thank you very much.”

Noor Aryanah, Tunisia 07 Jul 2014

“As a new grower, I have no difference between the different bloom boosters and when to use them. Do I use when flowering starts, or later, and why so? This video really made everything clear to me. I also like the root mass expander information that tells me I cannot use any septic tank cleaner in my root zone”

Pierre Lyon, France 07 Jul 2014

“My plants were looking sick and I could not tell what was wrong. Now I see all the different pictures of leaves with micronutrient deficiency. I think my plants have less calcium and magnesium. This module is really good for beginners like me. Thank you, GMU!”

Karin Heidelberg, Germany 07 Jul 2014

“My wife, Cindy, loves the variety of herbs I’m able to grow using rockwool cubes in the small DWC system I built in the pantry, next to the kitchen. Using purely organic plant nutrients, the fresh herbs have improved our evening meals tremendously, encouraging Cindy to try some great, new recipes!”

Rupert Minneapolis, Minnesota 07 Jul 2014

“I always grew in baked clay pebbles (Hydroton) before, but based on your videos, I switched to coco. Coco coir has already made my life easier by holding on to water longer than clay and boosting the growth of my cuttings. For now, I’m using a Cal-Mag supplement to correct the leaching effect—can’t wait for the new AN line of coco specific nutrients.”

Djangofan Boulder, Colorado 07 Jul 2014

“Thanks to the recent court decision, we’re still allowed to grow our own medicine in Canada, so Grow Med University came along just at the right time! I’ve had my license for a year now and am growing for two other patients, who are too weak to grow for themselves. I built a PVC NFT system in one afternoon, amazing my boyfriend who said I couldn’t do it!”

Melissa Pitt Meadows, BC 07 Jul 2014

“All my friends grow DWC, but after watching some of your videos, I planned out and built myself an ebb & flow system, using inexpensive items picked up at a big box hardware store. It’s working smoothly, and I hope to produce a decent harvest! Thanks, Grow Med University!”

J.G. Oakland, California 07 Jul 2014

“The Grow Room Buildout videos showed me how to plan and build a small grow in a walk-in closet. I just grow for myself and few close friends, but by using Eljay’s tips, I managed to boost the size of my first harvest, as well as to produce some righteous buds!”

Russ Bellingham, Washington 07 Jul 2014

“Eljay’s videos are awesome! I dabbled in growing with mixed results before taking this Course, but the videos made me think about planning and making my grow bigger. I am well on my way to producing a sizable medicinal crop.”

Aaron San Diego, California 07 Jul 2014

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