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Providing microbial supplements containing beneficial microbes is a way of bringing nature’s silent army into your hydroponics garden. They increase the root mass considerably, leading to better absorption of nutrients from the solution, resulting in maximum growth of plants. Voodoo Juice, Piranha Liquid (Piranha), and Tarantula Liquid (Tarantula) are three microbial supplements produced by Advanced Nutrients, Ltd. (AN) whose comparative performance is elucidated in this efficacy report.

Efficacy Report Microbial Supplements Growth and Flowering.pdf, 1.9 MiB

Even when growers provide all of the essential elements their crops need, some nutrients will remain unabsorbed. This might also happen when nutrients are poorly soluble in water to form precipitates. When plants absorb nutrients in the form of precipitates, it is known as nutrient lockout. This white paper explains how essential chelators like amino acids, proteinates, humic acids, EDTA, etc. help to stabilize ions concentration/buffering capacity of the nutrient solution and allowing optimal absorption of nutrients.

White Paper Chelation English.pdf, 488.0 KiB
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