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Harvesting and Drying

We consider this as the most glorious part of growing – the harvest. This topic will guide you on the handling of the fruits of your labor. Here you will learn the techniques of harvest timing, using trichomes as your guide. How to flush your plants prior to harvest, and how to trim the proper way.

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Lastly, you come to cutting, drying and curing your buds. Discover and learn the techniques of this crucial stage to attain that premium quality medicinal crop you need. There you go, you are all set, fully packed, and ready to explore the hands-on experience of growing.

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Welcome to your Quiz: Harvesting & Drying

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1. Harvesting is done in during:
2. What is the correct sequence of trichome development? Choose from the options:
3. Choose the correct sentence for Marijuana cultivation from the options given below:
4. Manicuring is done to give the buds into their final shape and configuration.
5. If your knife gets gummy with resin then how should you clean your knife for reuse?
6. Which is more useful for immediate pain relief and muscle spasms?
7. Hydroponics grow light that generate ______  spurs extra resin production.
8. The primary psychotropic element present in Cannabis is ______ .
9. _______ is the non psychotropic element present in Cannabis having the potential to exert many different pharmacological effects.
10. To get maximum amount of THC from your crop, you should harvest when:
11. To get the intense high and euphoria you should harvest the trichomes when they are:
12. When 70-90% of white hairs have darkened, then your crop is rich in ______ compound.
13. Plucking trichomes when they are clear results in _______ yield?
14. How do you examine the trichomes to understand that they are ready for harvest?
15. The condition (s) required for an optimal cannabis drying room environment is:
16. Drying buds in oven and microwave is highly recommended. Choose the correct answer from the options given below:
17. You must _____ your buds to lock in optimum potency, taste, and aroma and get a smoother and pleasing smoke.
18. The best way to cure your dried buds is by using:
19. Hanging dry on the stem is less traumatic to fragile buds.
20. While drying buds in wire mesh you should first cut off the _______ .

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