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Pests and Diseases

Another thing that comes handy when things get messy in the grow room is the knowledge in dealing with nutrient deficiencies. To panic is not a solution to the problem – as always – that’s why this topic serves as your guide on how to handle the situation and help your plants avoid and recover from nutrient deficiencies.

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Protecting your precious plants from all pests is very important or you’re going to waste all your hard work, time, and money. Here, you will learn the crucial techniques and procedures you need to protect your grow from pests. So take heed and don’t take this topic for granted.

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Like humans, plants need protection against diseases too. As the title of this topic suggests, you will discover and be made aware of the impact of powdery mildew, grey mold, fungal, and viral diseases on your valuable crops. Make sure you understand very well the steps of how to prevent such diseases in your precious grow.

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Welcome to your Quiz: Pests and diseases

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1. Potassium silicate boosts
a. Thicker stems
b. Lush green flowers
c. Sweet aroma
d. Immune resistance
2. Yellowing of the leaf is called:
3. Browning of leaf tips, yellowing and curling edges might be signs of:
4. Excessive dark green or brown foliage is a symptom of:
5. Iron deficiency in Cannabis is directly related to:
6. Which two of the following are the most appropriate statements?

a. Flushing fixes over- fertilization problems.
b. Flushing is done to remove spider mites.
c. Flushing improves taste and odour of buds.
d. Flushing protects against fungal attack.
7. Salicylic acid boosts ______ of plants.
8. How do you identify spider mites? Choose the correct answer from the options below:
9. The compound _____ increases resin content of THC glands and is contained in the product _____ of Advanced Nutrients.
10. Root aphids and fungal gnats can be controlled biologically with the help of _____.
11. _______ is a biological derivative of chrysanthemum flower capable of controlling Marijuana pests.
12. One way to control gray mold is by _______?
13. The commercial product having great potential to ward off Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) from your Marijuana plants is:
14. Mold growth can be prevented by
15. Fill in the blanks correctly from the choices given below:

If your plants are deficient in ______; then new, growing shoots appear burnt, brown, or grey.
It can be treated with _______ acid as a foliar or soil drench.
16. One of the ways to increase viral resistance of plants is by:
17. What type of grow room should you prefer to protect your medical crop from pests and microorganisms?
18. The temperature range of your nutrient solution should be within the range _______ to prevent plant deficiencies.
19. The scientific name of the most dreaded gray mold having the potential to damage your Marijuana plants is _________ .
20. An incredible organic derivative capable of eliminating insects and pests from grow room is:
21. The most appropriate type of water for high-value hydroponics crops which also safeguards your marijuana plants from diseases is:
22. Utility flush during the growing season of your Cannabis plants can fix :
23. Brand new foliage turning yellow is a deficiency symptom of _____ .
24. Minor sulphur and magnesium deficiencies can be treated by _____
25. A spider mite infestation can also be treated by spraying a _______ _______ on your plant’s leaves and stems.

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